Tips and Tricks in Learning Spanish

Are there times when you feel like you’re getting nowhere with Spanish? Does learning to speak the language feel like one long road ahead? Perhaps you are looking at your friends who are learning and feeling like you are miles behind. With all the things going on in your life, it is often a challenge to put aside a few hours every day to learn to speak Castilian.

That’s why we’re here! No matter where you are right now on your Spanish learning journey, we’ll help you speed up your learning process through the easy tips we’ve listed below. From reading every Spanish book to attending online Spanish classes, these tips will surely make you master Spanish in no time.

  1. Read lots of Spanish write-ups.

There are countless excellent Spanish books, magazines, and even cookbooks out there; find them! Reading them will help train your mind to read the words and understand them. But if you are a complete beginner, you will struggle to read much because you do not have enough vocabulary. But if you think that you’re ready, make it a habit to read Spanish daily. This way, you will naturally learn grammar and improve your Spanish language quickly, as you see it being used in context.

  1. Translate what you hear or read.

If you hear people talking or see something written in Spanish, try translating it. It will make you more attuned to your surroundings, and you can then see which words you need to learn. You can even post on Facebook or other social media platforms in two languages!

  1. Find a language buddy.

Speaking Spanish daily with a native speaker or another learner is a guaranteed way to move your language skills to the next level. It will push you to think quickly to understand what your partner is saying and formulate a reply. If possible, plan a daily session with your best Spanish-speaking buddy.

  1. Enroll in online Spanish classes.

One best way to learn Español is signing up for an online Spanish class for beginners. Just make sure that the program you pick includes lots of dialogues and comes with both text and audio so you can learn to understand real spoken Spanish and advance your listening skills.

  1. Practice every day.

Do not underestimate the importance of practicing regularly and consistently when you are learning the language. Look for someone willing to lend an ear and speak to him/her. If you are not in a Spanish-speaking country, you can just repeat expressions or phrases in front of the mirror or speak with your family or friends, or even your dog! Basically, practice with anyone willing to listen. You could even record yourself as you read a Spanish book and play it back so you can check out if your accent and diction are on the right track.

Becoming fluent in Spanish is not as hard and complicated as you may think. Just remember that it’s okay to make mistakes. Yes, it can be edgy sometimes, but the more you practice, attend online Spanish classes, and do all the tips above, the easier it will become! Just focus on the big-picture and the techniques to learn the language, and you will eventually speak it.

Buena suerte!

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