How To Avail Previous JEE Mains Question Papers Online

The Joint Entrance Exam, which is more popularly known as the JEE, is one of the most popular exams among students freshly out of college. Every year hundreds of thousands of applicants apply for the exam with the hope of getting admission to some of the premier engineering colleges in India. Although, clearing the examination is important but like any other competitive exams it is more important to score high marks. This is because depending on your Joint Entrance Examination scores you will be able to take admission in a high-ranking college. Similarly, if the marks are not up to the mark then there is a high possibility that you may not get admitted to some of the premier institutions in the country.

Need for Practise Tests and Previous Years’ Paper

Thus, it is needless to say, that the competition is immense, and every mark has the potential to make a difference. Therefore, you should leave no stone unturned in your preparation for the coveted JEE examinations. Like in any other competitive examination in the country, in case of JEE too, simply learning about the new concepts and having a good grasp over the topics is not sufficient. Here, there are other things at play, like time management and understanding the pattern of the examination. Therefore, you need to focus on practising the previous years’ question papers. This can help you understand which are the areas that you should be concentrating on and what type of questions you can expect during the exam. In addition to that, it will also give you a rough idea as to which subject among all you should be attempting first and which one you should be attempting at last. Although, these aspects may not seem very important to majority of the examinees, but getting these strategies correct has the capacity of making or breaking a career.

Where to Find Previous Years’ JEE Question Papers

As the importance of practising the previous years’ JEE question paper has been well established, it is important to know where to find the correct previous JEE questions. The obvious answer to this question, like any other thing in our lives lie on the internet. However, looking for previous years’ JEE question paper tend to be a frustrating experience as many websites charge a lot of money for it. In other cases, there are websites who lure you into the website and you end up among a host of advertisements and just a few questions. You must also be careful with many as some websites are known to provide questions which have not been previously asked but printed under the heading of previous years’ questions. Hence, you must find a website that reliable.

Ideally, you should be picking a website like Neostencil, which has a history and reputation for providing high quality assistance and guidance. This website is very clear in what it offers to the aspirant. You can find details about cut-offs, question patterns, latest news and updates about the JEEs etc. Here, you can find previous JEE mains question papers which date back to years. In addition, to that in many cases you will also find the solutions provided. Under the new scheme you will find all the details specifically for JEE and JEE (Advanced) modules. This helps the students immensely, in their planning, preparation, and accuracy.

How to Prepare with Previous Years’ Questions

Once you have the previous years’ question papers you should try and solve it with as much accuracy as possible. It is wise to time yourself while attempting these papers as it will give you an idea how accurately and timely you are solving the questions. Lastly, you should also analyse your results critically and find out areas where you can improve.


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