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When you decide to become a writer, the title of that could be perceived by others as an easy job, although it really is quite difficult. There are so many different grammar rules to know in order to become a valid writer or I should say, a paid writer. It is not just one day you decide to write, think up some interesting story, put it on paper and get published. Oh, how we writers wish it was that simple, but of course, it is not.

To give an idea of what a writer must know is going to be hard for me, as a writer, to explain. Writers have to know every grammar thing in the book of all grammar things. Does that make any sense at all, because it only kind of makes sense to me? They must pay attention to placing precise punctuation and how to structure a sentence correctly and how to take the criticism when they do not do just that. Basically, a respected writer will need to be a perfect grammarian if they want to succeed in getting any work published.

A Writer’s Toolbox Is the Internet

Therefore, a writer must use their intellectual tools along with relying on Google and the internet to check their work. In today’s crowded world of struggling authors, it is a must that we, as writers, realize that living in a world of grammar is a never-ending refreshment course. Thankfully, we do have the internet now in which we use to discover more ways to say something, spell something, or to correctly punctuate something.

Speaking for myself, I use grammar sites. These are spell checker sites that help you correct your mistakes and punctuation. However, I have found that, as they might help extremely in grammatical errors, I do not always find them useful in helping me out with my punctuations. Even so, they still help tremendously with a lot of errors you may not catch yourself.

Commit Yourself to the Process

Besides the grammar checker sites, you can find all kinds of articles and tips on how to use grammar correctly when writing. If you have a specific issue, for example, you might question yourself about how to capitalize or abbreviate certain terms or titles? You can find many bloggers who have written an article that will specifically focus on helping a writer out for this particular purpose.

The fact is, that there is so much help on the internet, sometimes we find it overwhelming. Nevertheless, if you are committed to the process of being a writer and all that goes along with that job title, then the discovery of all the different grammar rules will be a pleasure for you to learn. The more we learn, the better we become at what we are attempting to achieve, and I know that I, myself, want to become the best writer that I can be. How about you?

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