3 Ways of Scholarships Germany Provides to International Students

Germany is one of the most prestigious destinations for study abroad. The thing that makes it more attractive is its cheapest study expense and Scholarships in Germany for Pakistani Students 2019 is another thing that makes it an attractive destination. Moreover, the living expensive are affordable in Germany and there are top rated worldwide universities are located in Germany. As a foreign student one can get each and every single faculty to study from the universities by Germany. Here in this article we are going to make our Pakistani students further aware from the ways through which they can get an ease access towards the scholarships or funding program based from Germany.

Government Funded Scholarships

From the several ways to get scholarships or funds to continue your higher education in Germany one the most prestigious way is to get benefited through Government. German Government always keeps ready to support the foreign students to lead academic excellence at worldwide level. For this purpose German Government shows several programs and these are mentioned below:

  • DAAD Scholarship Program– This scholarship program offers the foreign students with different kinds of scholarship program in almost all the faculties.
  • Erasmus-Mundus is another one program leading by the Government of Germany. This program also welcomes the international students and it is known as the largest scholarship program based from EU.

Non Governmental Scholarships

There are some other organizations are available in Germany and are established as nongovernmental organizations and these are also assisting the national as well as international students. Following are the name of these organizations:

  • From these organizations the one which sets on the top of the list is Heinrich Boll Scholarships Program. This program offers scholarships opportunities to the international students who are going to pursue Master or PhD study program in Germany.
  • The nongovernmental scholarship or funding organization that occupies the second position in Germany is known as Einstein International Postdoctoral Fellowship. This is offered by the selected or assorted universities in Germany this program entertains the international students who are willing to pursue postdoctoral study program in Germany.
  • The third one is Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships which is funded by European Commission and entertains the international researchers in several faculties.
  • The forth one is Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships Program organization that offers the science and teaching studies students in Germany.
  • Postdoctoral Researchers Humboldt Research Fellowships Program is another one which offers scholars and scientist of any nationality.

University Specific Scholarship

The third way is to get benefited through the universities scholarships program. Following are the university specific scholarships programs:

  • Frankfurt School of Finance and Management facilitates the international students in the field of business accounting, mathematics and finance studies.
  • Aachen University offers plenty of opportunities to the international students.
  • Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies offers the research level students if they are fully eligible.
  • HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management provides the scholarship programs for international students of Mater (M.Sc) Level.
  • Humboldt University facilitates the research students in the faculties of economics, geography, political science, sociology, law, anthropology or history.
  • Ultrafast Imaging and Structural Dynamics Max Planck Research School provides the scholarship at PhD level in Chemistry and physics faculties.
  • Kiel University, like every year is Scholarships in Germany for Pakistani Students 2019 offering for the postgraduate students with the funding opportunities.
  • Ulm University provides one semester scholarship to the international students on need base.

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