The Best Business Management Software of 2021

Whether you’re running a small business or larger organization, you need to be using the best business tools available if you intend to stay relevant and competitive. The time for legacy systems is coming to an end in this world of big data and digital transformations, and using the right business management software can greatly improve your overall business processes, customer service, and even the ways you gather data.

Business management software includes a variety of solutions that automate various business processes. This may include inventory tracking, asset management, intelligent routing, data management, and much more. In today’s fast-paced world, you’ll struggle to keep up with any of your competitors if you aren’t relying on automation as much as possible. Here are just a couple of the best business management software solutions in 2021.


If you need a quick look at what kinds of software options are available, then Luminwise B2B Software Reviews is a great place to start. This B2B solution has information and reviews on solutions from digital marketing software to managed service providers. Luminwise breaks down how to choose the most effective software tools for your business and then provides detailed information on the top solutions in that niche, along with a convenient list of pros and cons for each software. It also provides detailed price breakdowns, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into.

Bright Pattern

When you think of a call center, do you picture a large office filled with cubicles? What about frustrated customers being placed on hold while exasperated support agents field never-ending inbound calls? This description may have been true of a legacy call center, but the modern contact center can be so much more than that. Your company’s call center is often the first point of contact between your brand and potential customers when you’re making outbound calls, and it’s your first line of defense for customer questions and concerns. Your business has no more important resource than your customers, so you need to provide the best customer service possible in order to retain them.

This is where Bright Pattern comes in with its call centre software. This contact center solution includes intelligent routing options, such as interactive voice response (IVR), to ensure customers are quickly transferred to the right agent for their needs instead of being placed on hold. Speaking of call routing, this customer relationship management (CRM) system is the only true omnichannel solution on the market. The modern contact center accepts more than just phone calls. It allows customer to contact your agents via their preferred digital means as well, whether that’s text, SMS, live chat, social media, your mobile app, and more. Omnichannel routing takes these customer interactions a step further by allowing customers to seamlessly switch between communication channels, all while staying in contact with the same agent. This saves everyone’s time and keep customer from having to repeat themselves to different agents.

The best call center software makes things easier for agents and supervisors as well. With a unified agent desktop accessible through a single sign in, agents are able to easily track all conversations across all channels. If a new agent needs to step into an ongoing conversation, they can do so with the full context of the situation. Automatic call recording also makes it easy for supervisors to ensure that all customer service calls are meeting high quality standards.

Modern call center software even automatically collects and stores customer data, which can be used to gather insights into customer behavior and concerns. With this data, you can discover what your most successful products are and even make special offers to loyal customers to further improve relationships. If you can offer the best customer support in your niche, you’ll stand out from your competitors, and even if you can’t offer the best prices, customer service can be the deciding factor in your favor.

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