Beatrix Pottery Figurines – Not Just a Storybook Anymore

There are various ways in decorating the nursery of your baby. Occasionally, parents decorate nursery rooms with clowns, space ships, and a lot of toys that play lullabies but the one thing that parents forget to use are Beatrix Potter figurines.Beatrix Pottery figurines have themes that can be used for your nursery rooms. One of the most popular ones, are the Peter Rabbit themes. Though the theme is called Peter Rabbit, keep in mind that there are two different designs. One Peter rabbit is used for a boy’s room and the other design is used for a girl’s room. For parents that have been blessed with twins, using both themes is advisable because both will match the type of nursery room you want.

There are a lot of different Beatrix Rabbit figurines available. There are wall papers, lamps, blankets, pillow cases and more. These different products will help you design the ideal nursery room for your baby. You may want to get creative with the Beatriz Pottery figurines by buying some of other characters. Since these figurines are based on a storybook, take a look back at the other characters and find the figurines. Adding “The Mouse Family”, “Jemima Puddleduck”, or the rest of the cast, will add diversity and more color to your nursery room. Accessories of the Beatrix figurines are endless. There are baby mobiles, music boxes, and stuffed animals so before you but anything from the store make sure you know how design the nursery room without making it looked clustered because of too much of the Beatrix figurines. There are a few creative suggestions that might make decorating the room more personal. You can purchase a string of alphabet letters that have the theme. At the same time, you can take a picture of the different scenes in the storybooks then pasting them on the crib or on the wall.

There is nothing too good to give for your baby. Any parent would want to make the nursery room as beautiful and comfortable for their baby as possible. Space ships, dinosaurs, race cars or clowns are great themes for the room but what can be better than having a theme straight from a classic storybook. Your baby boy or baby girl will ask you stories about the Beatrix Figurines and the best way to do so is showing them the pictures around their storybook – inspired room.

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