WWII Aircraft in Pictures

Perhaps, few things are more intriguing to a young man than picture books filled with race cars, ships or aircraft. Yet, who says those things are only for kids and young adults. Now, I do not deny, I loved aircraft picture books when I was a young man and boy; in fact, give me one of those and I would not even need a babysitting, I’d be busy, and intellectually self-sustained for hours.Not long ago, I saw just such a book at a used book store and I had to rescue it for myself. I must say, to this day I am as intrigued with such books as then. I bet you will be too, so, let me recommend one of the best WWII Aircraft picture books of all time:

“Aircraft of World War II” part of the series The Aviation Fact File; edited by Jim Winchester; Thunder Bay Press San Diego, 2004.On the cover sports a P-51 Mustang and all the aircraft of the allied forces from WWII are there, including fighters, bombers, torpedo bombers, blimps, gliders, drones, rockets and cargo aircraft that moved the logistical component. German, French, British, American, Japanese, Russian, and every single nation that had aircraft in WWII are all listed with pictures, data, facts and insignias, and paint schemes.

The Germans had superior equipment at the start of the war, but by the end the allied forces had adjusted their manufacturing efforts and designs to compete and indeed, the rest is history as we know. All that remains of that greatest generation that set fascism back 75-years is the pictures and stories. So, I recommend you get your fill of the real deal in pictures.

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