Focus on the Eyes When Photographing People

The favorite thing for people to photograph is other people and I think that people do this because they want to be able to save that moment forever. It has gotten to the point were just about everyone has a camera, from the teenager who takes pictures of his buddies with his cell phone to the people that look at photography with an artistic view.With digital photography coming into the picture, it is said that people using photography has grown as much as 90 percent. Since there are so many people that are new to the world of photography I thought that I would share a little and introduce a few tips.

One thing that I would like for you to remember is that when you are taken a photograph with your digital camera you will want to get the subjects eyes into focus if you do this the rest of the photo should pull together nicely. Also pay attention to the background, you do not want things around the head to clutter up the picture. I talking about things such as lamp shades and plants, you just don’t need to have the focus taking away from your subject.When you are taken photos of adults you are basically at the same level. When it comes to photographing children things are a little different you need to get down to their level. You may want to kneel down and if you can steady your camera, or you could lay down and get a picture looking up at the child. Try to play around with different angels. By doing so you can get some great shots. Before you might have held yourself back from trying to much considering the price of film but with your digital camera you can play as much as you like. When you run out of room it is no big deal because you can review your images and delete any that you may not care for. Let’s say that you want to keep every picture that you take, you will need to have a extra memory card.

One more thing that you should remember when you are just starting to take photos is that sometimes the difference between a good photo and a great photo is a simple change in technique. A photography is all about light and the way that it strikes your subject.

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