Flaming Night Photos

We all know that night photography is a big part of photography marketing. What you may not know is how to take a night photo that will make you money without using any light. No light that is, except the light of a fire. Still photography of some type of fire is the part of photography that can give you a whole new way to look at night photography.It can be the single flame of a candle or perhaps a camp fire. It could even be the flame of a raging forest fire. Each one of these have to be photographed in a way that brings out the full potential of the light that you do have.

Let’s say that you want to start out with a single flame, like a candle. This can seem like an easy thing to photograph, but once you start you may find out different. The first thing that you will want to do when you are attempting to take a photograph of a candle is to make sure that the room is air tight. A slight breeze can make things a lot harder than they have to be.Another thing that you can do to help enhance the photograph of the candle and the light itself is to make sure to use a dark background. With the area being dark, this will put all the attention on the flame. Now that you are air tight and have your set-up you will want to use manual focus on your camera. When you do this you will want to focus on the tip of the flame.The focus on the flame itself will not be in clear focus while it is producing light. The intensity and points on it will be varied. Because of this you will need to experiment with over exposure. You can do this by slowing down the shutter speed. Once you have the basic technique and shutter speed down you can play around a little bit by blowing a gentle breeze on the candle.

It may take a little bit for you to get to know what you are doing but it will be well worth it when you capture that perfect image that you worked so hard at getting. Don’t forget that this type of photography does really well in photography marketing and you may come out with more than one photo that you can make money with.

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