Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi 400D Digital Field Guide

Author is: Charlotte K. LowriePublished by: Wiley Publishing, Inc.Number of Pages: 264Copyright: 2007ISBN: 978-0-470-11007-2Printing Process: 4 colorLast December (2007) I purchased a Canon XTi SLR Digital Camera and I must say for the price point, quality of photos and functionality it was a good purchase for me. I had used several point and shoot digital cameras and they were good but nothing in comparison to the dSLR.

When becoming familiar with the camera I found that there were a number of features I didn’t understand properly and so decided to purchase “Canon® EOS – Digital Rebel Xti/400D Digital Field Guide” as I went through the book I found a number of helpful items from exploring and setting up the camera and using the Digital Rebel xTI to photography basics, composition and techniques for great photos.What I did like about the book was that quite a number of photos had the camera settings that the photo was taken at. For example on page 189 there was a photo of a nail polish bottle on its side with the nail polish spilled out. In the book it explained how the shot was taken, the ISO, F stop type of lens, camera speed used etc. This feature I found to be very interesting and useful since it helps understand how you can take excellent photos in similar situations.

The book has step by step techniques and offers professional advice for taking pictures in various situations like that of fireworks, street scenes, pets, kids and so forth.My take on a book that should be in everyone’s knapsack when traveling with their XTi dSLR.My Rating: 4 stars out of 5 – Excellent Book

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