Why international schools are evolving to offer better education

The figures are in, and studies suggest that we’re facing a rapidly growing demand for international schools around the world today. The market, according to ISC Research, is expected to keep growing at a healthy pace in the years ahead. In fact, by 2021, they suggest that the number of students attending international schools around the world will reach around 6.3 million.

Though they started off as a solution for expatriate and elite families, international schools have now become a powerful option for many locals. After all, they give every parent the chance to offer their students a full English-speaking education that provides the qualifications they need to embrace university. Today, international schools are growing stronger than ever.

The benefits of an international school

For an expat child, the benefits of an international school in Hong Kong are obvious enough. These educational facilities allow children to go straight back into learning the curriculum that they were familiar with before they moved. This means that they don’t have to missout chunks of their education.

Additionally, a move to Hong Kong also allows students to become immersed in a new and innovative culture. They could pick up a new language and embrace countless new opportunities for a world that’s starting to eliminate geographical borders. Indeed, many international schools come with their own cultural appreciation classes to make immersion easier during the formative years of a child’s life.

International schools have a lot to offer students in both expat and local families. Indeed, many students have shown that their exposure to International Baccalaureate education and international learning has helped to develop skills that prepare them for work and future study.

The evolution of the international school

Now that more people are moving around the world than ever before, and opportunities can come from any horizon, international schools are constantly improving their training standards. Studies show that international schools can even give students better soft skills, such as time management and critical thinking talents. What’s more, the extracurricular activities on offer are often phenomenal.

Many international training institutions not only come with incredible educators but also specialist lessons on subjects such as robotics, engineering and mathematics. This means that an international school student could actually have more academic opportunities than their peers.

As globalization continues to filter into countries across the world and makes the Earth a smaller place, international schools are a critical component of our growth. While an international school helps your student to avoid disruption, the education that they offer is culturally conscious and brimming with ways to immerse into a new country.

Choosing an international school

Ultimately, international schooling has evolved to be more than just a solution to continued education for an expat child. It’s a way for any student to embrace an exciting new method of learning as the boundaries between countries continue to blur. An international education could give your student endless opportunities to explore new careers and further learning around the world.

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