What To Look For In An International Training Institution

Education and training play a vital role in furthering career prospects and competencies, especially for those who are looking to join the international workforce. Searching for work abroad requires international training institutes that are widely recognised, but there’s more to this than just recognition.

Here are some of the factors you should be on the lookout for:

Experienced facilitators

A major component of any international training is the presence of experienced and trusted facilitators. These are individuals who have spent time in their field, honing their skills and learning the tricks of the trade are the ideal professionals when it comes to passing on that knowledge.

Multiple training centres

Open distance learning is growing in popularity, but many organisations still prefer to see that you have trained at a contact-learning institution. So, when looking into international training institutions that offer contact-learning you will want to look at their list of training centres.

African Training Institute, for example, is primarily based in South Africa. However, it shows a clear international tendency by also offering training at centres in Dubai, Mombasa and Victoria Falls.

Modern technological support

While paper-and-pen based learning does still have a place in education, especially in schools, you should rightly expect something more advanced from an international training institute. You’ll want to do your research and make sure that the institute you choose to study through is current with modern technology and that they use this to aid their students.

Once again the African Training Institute is an excellent example. Delegates who pay for their full package are provided with a laptop or tablet (as is most appropriate or available) as well as a flash drive so that the training material can easily be stored in a convenient, digital format. Their website also features an innovative chat function, allowing them to respond to queries from current and potential delegates both quickly and efficiently.

Would you like a more comprehensive list of requirements you should expect from an international training institute? Contact the African Training Institute to get their knowledgeable, insider opinion on this matter.


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