What Is Biology

Biology is the practice of living things of our natural resource as well as human. It is a whole study of any means of life. The study of life called biology explains the formation and function, growth and origin, emergence and formation of any living organism. “Biology” came from a combination of two Greek words. The word ‘bios’ mean ‘life’ and ‘logia’ means ‘study of’, were all together as modern word “Biology.” From its ancient Greek meaning, we got “the study of life” as a form of biology. This term was first emerged in 1736 by a Swedish scientist. He used the term ‘biologi’ in his Bibliotheca Botanica.

It is a comprehensive science of natural studies that include chemical action, atomic interactions, physical structure, physiological mechanisms, development chemistry, mathematics, geology, physics and much more. For the convenience of study this extensive subject, biology is divided into several sections. All the sections are interrelated with each other.

The main branches of biology are briefly explained below:

Botany- it is the biological study of all kinds of arbor as well as agriculture. We can understand the plants, their function, inheritance behavior and much more about every plant by studying this subject. Botany is one of the ancient branches of bioscience.

Zoology- another important and widely studied biology branch is zoology also called animal biology. It studies the evolution, embryology, structure, classification, behavior, and format of all living and abolished animals. The evolution’s theory by Darwin is the epoch-making innovation in the history that was a study of Zoology.

Morphology- biological morphology is the branch where the study of structure, size, and shape are included. This branch studies the structural science of life. By morphological study, you can learn about the usual aspects of organismal formation and order of the plants’ and animals’ organ.

Physiology- it is the study of functions and mechanisms of living things, plants, or animals and their component cells and tissue. It is related to medical science, human physics and animals. This widespread branch of biology is strongly interrelated with the practice of morphology.

Those are the main four part of biology. There are also a lot of branches are established in terms of biology. Some of those are biochemistry, cellular biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, genetics, molecular biology, etc.

For its function, modern biology often gets attached with other terms of science. To apply the basic physical laws to the study of a living organism, biology use

chemistry, medicine, toxicology, physics and biophysics, geology, astrobiology, and astronomy out from its own box. The study of biology also refers to social studies such as philosophy, sociology, and evolutionary psychology. This connection is important to study biology properly. One cannot learn and understand Zoology without having a bit of knowledge about evolution, ethics, and ecology.

Biology is the science that describes the cell theory, the most important and basic unit of any living things. It is the process of learning the energy flow between the environment and life with genetic information. With making the proper equilibrium and forming evolution biology is the technology of any kind of living life.

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