Useful Tips for Studying Biology the Right Way

Amongst all the science subjects, biology is one of the interesting subjects as it helps us study life and the natural world. Biology further helps us understand the principles of life and develop an admiration for nature. However, studying this subject can be challenging for some, especially for class 11 and 12 students as biology classes demand mastering difficult concepts like cell cycle, DNA replication, plant and human physiology, meiosis, homeostasis, etc.

Having said that, biology is actually not a hard subject to study compared to maths, physics or even chemistry. In biology, you’ll not find those complicated formulas or problems. What you will find in this subject is lots of concepts and biological terms and you will need to have a good command over them. Additionally, you should first learn and understand the basic concepts and then move on to learning more complex ones. So, once you learn the correct vocabulary and also improve your comprehension of important biological terms, the subject will be fairly easy to study.

Here we will look at some of the other key points or tips that you can follow that will help you in studying biology more effectively.

Terminologies are Important

While studying biology you might have to remember many terms. You need to familiarize yourself with all terms and retain them in your memory. You should always note down any unfamiliar words, research about it, learn its definition and then understand its roots. Biology is a cumulative subject and you should always fully understand the basic concepts before moving on to the advance one.

Building Mind Maps and Flash Cards

You can build mind maps that can help you memorize the different topics. You can also make drawings or flashcards that will help you to learn and retain the idea more easily. Besides, flashcards can be carried around anywhere and you can study anytime.

Get a Bird’s Eye View Of the Syllabus and Topics

Before going to class, you should go through the material as it will help understanding the new topics more easily. You should also read the syllabus, table of contents, read the preface for ideas and you should also­ note the learning objectives, word lists, terminology, summary statements, etc. During class, you should also take down notes of important topics and later review them. This will help to increase retention and understanding.

Additional Resources

Using additional tutorials and other resources that are readily available both offline and online is a good practice. You can always refer textbooks and solutions like NCERT solutions as well. For example, you can refer NCERT solutions for class 11 Biology as it provides the most important and latest solved examples for class 11 students.

Apart from this you can also solve past exam questions. Solving these questions will also help you clearly understand the exam format, marking scheme and you can prepare accordingly.

These are some of the effective study tips that you can follow and it will make studying biology less complicated. For more NCERT solutions for class 11 or class 12 you can also visit

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