Building Services Courses: Not Just Important for Practical Skills!

Many people make the mistake of thinking that building is only about putting up a wall or constructing an extension. It’s easy, they think: 1) show up at the house, 2) assess the job, 3) do a quote and 4) go and collect the materials. But there’s much more to learning to be a builder than just the practical skills. Building courses nowadays aren’t just about the obvious things; instead, they teach builders about every aspect of the business, like…Quoting for a jobIn a way, quoting for a job is extremely simple: look at what needs to be done, and base your quote on your own experience. But what happens when you don’t have any experience of a certain job and can’t quote? Equally, what happens when the client keeps changing their mind and decides that they would prefer you to go about the job in a different way, making your first quote obsolete? This is where building courses enter the frame, and explain much about the way you go about looking at a job. Instead of approaching the job with just a basic idea of what needs to be done, these courses arm new builders with the knowledge and insight into both what can be expected of you and what you can expect of the customer. Get the quote wrong and the entire job could be in jeopardy. Likewise, you never want to over-price a job: it may be good in the short-term, but as soon as word gets around you’ll be rapidly gaining a bad reputation. Not to mention the fact that repeat work will be a thing of the past.

Staying professional and working with othersAnother aspect of building isn’t just doing the work – it’s doing the work in a way which doesn’t hinder other tradespeople working on the same job. This may mean starting a job at the right time, or leaving a job so that electricians can come in and finish it off. If you don’t learn how building work relates to other trades then not only will you be upsetting other people, you’ll be lengthening how long the job takes and costing your customer more money than they expected!

Keep calm, be a professionalBuilding services courses aren’t just a case of learning about the practical things; as we’ve already discussed, it’s also a case of self-awareness. And one of the times you need to be very aware is if an argument begins with a customer. Sometimes this’ll be because you’re having to wait too long to get hold of some materials, and other times it’ll be nothing to do with you but another trades person who is making the process difficult. In either case, it’s important to keep calm and take responsibility for things which are your fault. But as well as this, you also need to know when to stand your ground and what to do if it becomes impossible to continue working for a client.

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