5 Great Gifts for the Kids in Your Life

Buying gifts for children is fun and exciting. It can be difficult to choose from the massive selection in the children’s aisles at the store, so here are a few great ideas to get you started.

Children’s Books

Illustrated children’s books are an excellent choice for children young and old. Whether you opt for a classic fairytale, a family favorite book or a brand-new release, you’re sure to bring joy to the young readers again and again. The beauty of buying a book is that it can grow with the child and be enjoyed for many years.

Art Supplies

Almost all children love the excitement of opening a brand new box of crayons or tub of modeling clay. Choose a broad assortment of colors, a tasteful array of their favorite shades or a few trendy colors that will catch their eye. For a child with a particular penchant for art, an art instruction book or a voucher for local art lessons might be a good choice.

Local Experiences

Children and their parents will both love a gift of a ticket to a local zoo, adventure park or children’s museum. If you have the means, consider investing in an annual pass so they can enjoy it with their family and friends all year long.

Outdoor Gear

Children are practically made for the outdoors, so why not gift them something they can enjoy outside? A piece of basic play equipment (such as a slide, climbing structure or swing) is a great option. Something they can use to get active is another great bet; consider buying something with wheels such as a scooter, skateboard or roller skates. Finally, sports equipment is a hit with boys and girls of all ages — children will enjoy a flying disc, soccer ball or even a simple kickball for many years.

Tasty Treats

Although they won’t last long, a classic gift for any child is a little something sweet. For health-conscious families, you can opt for naturally-sweetened treats or even a bright selection of dried fruit. For others, maybe an assortment of chocolates or wrapped candies to share may be great. Homemade treats are also a lovely option sure to be treasured.

Whatever the occasion, celebrating the kids you love is a true honor. By sharing a gift with them that you know they’ll love, you can be just as happy as they are as you make a memory together.


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