10 tips for medical students


Tips to learn and take advantage of this wonderful stage For more information about study in medical field visit https://msih.bgu.ac.il and become a good doctor

  • Studying medicine can be hard, but it is highly rewarding.
  • Usually, doubts arise when choosing a specific specialty.
  • Saving lives and helping others makes medicine one of the happiest professions.

The majority of medical students are clear about their vocation. And before they start they know that the road will be long and sometimes complicated, but they also know that it is worth the sacrifice and get to work in what they have always dreamed of.

We are talking about 5 years of bachelor’s degree plus 2 years of internship; and if the opportunity is given, 3 years of specialty and 2 more of subspecialty. It sounds too much, but not for nothing medicine is considered one of the most outstanding professions in the world.

If you plan to study medicine or have just entered into this wonderful world, it is worth taking a look at these tips to motivate you more in this rewarding university career.

1. – Abandon perfectionism

Traditionally, medicine has been considered a difficult career. It is normal that we stumble, but that is not why we are going to give up. We must understand that we all make mistakes, and it is not healthy to compare our results with other students.

2.-Always look for answers

Never stay with the doubt and do not be afraid to ask. Filter your sources of information and knowledge to get answers quickly.

3. – Learn from your classmates

With many of them you will live practically a whole life together. Each one has a personal experience in terms of career. Learn from them and also provide your vision of life and your training.

4.-Make the most of the best subjects

In many years of study you will pass through more interesting subjects than others. Take the time immersing yourself thoroughly in what you consider important for your personal and professional growth.

5.-Do not think about money as a goal

The beauty of studying this career is that it gives you the possibility to save and improve the lives of others. Enjoy learning, and then there will be time to think about salary and other rewards. Remember that medicine is not usually a low-paying profession.

6. – Make Companions, not rivals

In relation to the third point, remember that many of your companions will become a family for you. Everyone wants to achieve the same goal as you, what better than to support each other and get together the satisfaction of achieving it.

7.-Do not miss class

As we pointed out before, there are more interesting subjects than others, but try to attend all possible classes whenever you can. This will make it easier for you to leave behind those that are not so relevant and you will make the most of those that do.

8. – Human

Medicine is humanity, remember it always. In addition, when leaving the race, your future patients will stay more with your empathic and solidary character more than with your work technique or your management tasks.

9. – Take care of your health

Studying medicine requires a lot of effort and dedication. You will go through times of stress and overwhelm that can affect your health. Take care of your health based on a healthy diet , exercising and learn to disconnect and clear up when you have free time.

10. – Enjoy the university career

They will be the best years of your life, you will meet colleagues who will be friends, many of them forever. At the beginning you want everything to happen as quickly as possible, but little by little, when you are reaching the end, you will be happy remembering the moments lived.

Being a good doctor is a commitment to yourself and to society and to get to be you have to give your best. Remember that your greatest reward will be making others happy.

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