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Launch A Successful E-Learning Initiative

Has your company announced new, technology-based initiatives with great fanfare and enthusiasm, only to have the project scrapped before the new system is unveiled, or even close?Failure to allocate sufficient resources, lack of planning and too little organization may be the culprits. Too often, the more common explanation is that the technology is just too complex, or the system implementation and maintenance requirements are inestimable, resulting in a never-ending project.Despite flashy demonstrations and fleeting ROI commitments, some e-learning software has reached a dead-end after proving too cumbersome to actually utilize. It’s no coincidence that the most difficult software solutions are often the most expensive, which leads to wasted resources – precious time and money!

Increase Your Odds of SuccessOne way of increasing your odds to reach your online training goals is to shift the focus of your e-learning software evaluation. Take a closer look at the tools that your system manager and course developers will be using rather than concentrating solely on the end product that your students will see. The right questions up front will save you capital and your reputation in the long-run.Here are a few items your focus should include:

Are the learning screens and development tools intuitive?

Is there a built-in, integrated authoring tool?

Do features integrate with each other in a common menu or icon structure?

Is there a common database, or does data have to pass between different architectures?

Is the software web native?

Is there a user-friendly reporting capability?
Taking Ownership and Driving the InitiativeAnother way to increase your odds of success is determining who will be in charge of your e-learning project, the training professionals, the technology titans or both. The right e-learning software will streamline the processes for the people who will install, implement and manage your environment.

Your online training system will assist the content developers and training professionals with transforming training material from the classroom to the web. Convert product manuals, procedure guidebooks and loads of other training information, including Word, PowerPoint, HTML, Flash and video to online training to create dynamic, multimedia offerings. Take pride, and ownership, of the e-learning project knowing you can maneuver the system with ease and simplicity, and without programming or total reliance on IT resources.Once you own the technology, your opportunity for time and capital savings begins. With careful preparation and the best online training product, your successful project will be ready for launch!

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