Importance of Windows Image Building

When you go into the offices of most major companies, you will notice many workstations that have similar computers setup. And if you get the chance to use their software, you will find that all the workstations are setup in the same way. They have the same operating system, identical programs and the same settings.

Setting up each workstation individually would be very time consuming. It would be the type of work that would take days. And most companies do not have that kind of time on their hands. It is why Windows Image Building is so important, whether it is for installing or updating an operating system or software.

Windows Image Building

The concept behind Windows Image Building is that you will set up a particular instance of the operating system and then copy it to other machines. Say a business is looking to upgrade all the workstations to a secure version of Windows 10 that has all the programs and settings the company needs.

Rather than upgrading each computer individually, the idea is to create one image of Windows 10 and then deploy it to every computer. Whether this needs to be done for 20 computers or 200, the process is relatively similar. And there are typically IT professionals who will be handling this task.

Working with OEM Manufacturing and Deployment

Those individuals who are responsible for such work need to have the proper certification. For instance, the 70-735 exam, OEM Manufacturing and Deployment for Windows 10, is a key component of the requirements to get such a job.

People who are OEM, ODM or IDH Windows image builders will need to take the 70-735 exam so they are prepared for their jobs. Even if a person has the experience of Windows image building in the past, they will have to show a prospective employer through certification that they are capable of handling the job.

Passing the 70-735 Examination

A certification test for OEM Manufacturing and Deployment for Windows 10 can seem daunting. Unless you have been building Windows images in the past, you may find that you are going to struggle with this exam.

The good news is that you will be okay. Provided you give yourself a few weeks to study, you should be able to ace the test at the first time of asking.

Leveraging Past Exams

The best way to study for such exams is to leverage past tests and the questions from those exams. By using free sites such as ITExams, you are able to get access to verified and vetted past questions from the 70-735 test.

Since you have access to those questions, you are in a position where you can easily understand the topics being tested and how the questions will be worded. There should be no surprise for you on test day. And that is how you will ensure that you only need to study for a few weeks to get your certification for the 70-735.

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