Secondary Education – A Crucial Phase in the Life of a Student

Once a student completes primary education, the journey towards understanding more abstract concepts starts. This is all the more significant for Science and Math subjects as the topics covered in secondary education forms the core of the foundation that will serve the students well in professional courses such as engineering and medicine. Therefore, making the best out of this stage of the student phase becomes highly crucial. To achieve this, students take two routes – first is to pay undivided attention in the classrooms and the next is to make the most of academic resources.

The Role of Academic Resources

Students rely on a variety of resources to achieve mastery in the subjects during classes eight, nine, and ten. Whether they are textbooks prescribed by the education boards or other supporting study materials such as NCERT solutions Class 10, the importance of referring to these resources cannot be discounted. What’s more, the importance of prescribed textbooks cannot be overstated. Unlike the reference materials studied in higher education where one can find different books by various authors about the same topic or subject, in secondary education, official textbooks are the only means of both acquiring knowledge and preparation for exams.

Model Question Papers as an Academic Resource

In addition to answering practice questions from the textbooks, another important step students take to test themselves is answering model question papers and question papers from previous exams. Since the question papers are designed to gauge the conceptual understanding of the topics, answering them gives the students an exact idea about where they stand. It lets them know which topics require more attention than others. From the perspective of exam preparations, answering all the questions within the stipulated three hours makes the students more confident so they can appear for the main exams with a positive attitude.

The Bottom Line

The importance of secondary education cannot be overstated because of the platform it creates. A lot depends on the knowledge acquired during this phase to ensure that students complete their education in flying colours and start their professional career in a field of their choice. Today, the World Wide Web is exploding with all the resources a student needs such as NCERT solutions Class 9. All they need is the right attitude and a desire to succeed.

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