3 Unusual Jobs A Former Doctor Can Do

Many doctors pursue a career in medicine because they love helping others, have a passion for healthcare and are committed to supporting people find fulfillment in their bodies. It’s a rewarding field with many opportunities. However, all the benefits of being a doctor are also accompanied by some not so beneficial elements, too. The shifts can be grueling, the education is intense and the workload is sometimes unbearable. Even if someone has known they wanted to be a doctor since they were young such as Rachel Tobin Yale, sometimes dreams and visions can change. If you’ve been a doctor for many years but are looking to turn a new leaf in your career for whatever reason, here are three careers to consider.

  1. Teacher

You could very easily get certified to teach in an academic environment and use your knowledge to impart and mold the next generation of doctors. However, there are also other ways to be a teacher. You can use your experience to help current doctors as a life coach or a personal experience mentor. Being committed to any field for a long time means you have an expertise many people don’t. Be creative, and think about ways you can use any passion, skills or focus in medicine to teach others.

  1. Healthcare Attorney

If you enjoy school and have no problem acquiring additional education, becoming a healthcare attorney would open up a lot of opportunities for a new career. Being involved in the healthcare field for an extended period of time gives you an insider’s view of how hospitals and healthcare facilities work. A law firm would value your expertise because you would bring additional knowledge about medicine to the cases you would argue and the clients you represent.

  1. Concierge Physician

If you still love working with patients but just want a change of environment, consider going into the healthcare concierge field. This will eliminate the hassle of working with big corporations and insurance companies. You would instead work one on one with personal clients. This type of work still allows you to practice medicine and helping others but takes away the stress and hassle of working in a traditional hospital environment.

Life is beautiful because there are new opportunities and open doors everywhere you look. While you may have earned a medical degree, you aren’t confined to being a doctor your whole life. There’s an ample amount of careers you can explore, consider and get involved in as a doctor. The sky is truly the limit.


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